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 Leased Line Technical Information Page

What is a leased line?

A Leased Line is a dedicated data line between two points, either between two company office locations or between a company (user) and an Internet Service provider.  Leased Lines offer higher Service Level Agreements and 1-1 contention ratios compared to other connectivity available in the UK.

Most Leased Lines in the UK are provided by BT Openreach as BT own the last mile of fibre or copper, however you can purchase leased lines from various service providers, BT resellers and telecommunications providers offering different service levels, bandwidth and price such.

There are many different types of leased lines and permanent circuits offered in the UK typically as follows:

Kilostream Low Leased Lines: 2.4Kbs, 4.8Kbs & 64Kbs
Kilostream High Leased Lines: 19.2Kbs, 48Kbs & 64Kbs
Kilostream N Leased Lines: 128Kbs, 192Kbs, 256Kbs, 320Kbs, 384Kbs, 448Kbs, 512Kbs, 576Kbs, 640Kbs, 704Kbs, 768Kbs, 832Kbs, 896Kbs, 960Kbs.
Megastream: 1Mbs, 2Mbs, 34Mbs, 45Mbs, 140Mbs, 155Mbs.

BT also offer a service called Megastream Genus Leased Lines and also LES AND WES Circuits. Megastream Genus circuits are provided for customers that require maximum up time, as their leased line is business critical. Megastream Genus circuits are provided in to customer’s premises by diverse routes so avoiding potential downtime from the loss of one route. EES, WEES and WES circuits are also known as Short Haul Data Circuits and Long Haul Data Circuits. These circuits are provided in speeds of 10Mbs, 100Mbs and 1000Mbs.